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This is Just a Dream by Nelly. Just play these four chords throughout the song.

Am chordAm
i was thinkin about her

i m thinkin about me
F chordF
i m thinkin about us

where we gunna be
C chordC
open my eyes
G chordG
and it was only just a dream
Am chordAm
so i travel back down that road
F chordF
who you come back

no one knows
C chordC G chordG
and i realize it was only just a dream


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mannymoses avatar
These chords are correct... if there's a capo on the 5th fret...
12 Jun 2011
drdanielnba avatar
not the best thou
15 Sep 2010
superezra avatar
Yes this is correct, i love this song.
13 Sep 2010