Shiver Uke乐谱通过 Maximo Park

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(CC) (GG) (EmEm)
I don't know where I am but I know it's alright,
(CC) (GG) (EmEm)
I don't know anyone around here but I'm safe this time,
(CC) (GG) (EmEm)
I don't care where I am but I know it's alright,
(CC) (GG) (EmEm)
I jump the tracks I can't get back but I'm safe this time.

(FF) (AmAm) (CC) (GG)
'Cause when you tell me stupid things like you do
(FF) (AmAm) (CC) (GG)
I have to change the rules, I can't lose


(CC) (GG) (EmEm) (GG)
(GG) (EmEm)
'Cause I shiver, I just break up, when I'm near you it all gets out of hand,
(GG) (CC) (EmEm) (GG)
(GG) (EmEm)
Yes I shiver, I get pent up, there's no way that I know you'll understand...


We talk and talk around it all, how'd we end up here?
I'm in a rush, if i'd only stop and take my time,

'Cause with you I'm running somewhere I can't get to,
Yes I have to change the rules out with you...

(FF) (GG) (AmAm) (FF) (GG)
(FF) (GG until CHORUS))
If I never saw you again, could I keep all this inside


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