Angels Cry Uke乐谱通过 Mariah Carey

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A chordA
I shouldn't have walked away
F#m chordF#m
I would've stayed if you say
D chordD
We could've made
F#m chordF#m
Everything ok
E chordE
But we just
A chordA
Threw the blame back and forth
F#m chordF#m
We treated love like a sport
D chordD
The final blow hit so low
F#m chordF#m E chordE
I'm still on the ground

A chordA
I couldn't have prepared myself for this fall
F#m chordF#m
Shattered in pieces curled on the floor
D chordD
Supernatural love conquers all
F#m chordF#m E chordE A chordA
Member we used to touch the sky

F#m chordF#m
And lightning don't strike
D chordD
The same place twice

When you and I
E chordE
Said goodbye
A chordA
I felt the angels cry
F#m chordF#m
True love's a gift
D chordD
But we let it drift

In a storm
F#m chordF#m
Every night
E chordE A chordA
I feel the angels cry
F#m chordF#m
C'mon babe can't our love be revived
D chordD
Bring it back and we gon' make it right
F#m chordF#m
I'm on the edge just tryin' to survive
E chordE A chordA
As the angels cry

I thought we'd be forever and always
You were serenity
You took away the bad days
Didn't always treat you right
But it was OK
I do somethin' stupid
And you still stay with me

But you can only go for so long
Doing the one you claim to love wrong
Before too much is enough
You look up
Find your love gone

And we were so good together
How come we could not weather
This storm and just do better
Why did we say goodbye

A chordA
Baby I'm missin' you
F#m chordF#m
Don't allow love to lose
D chordD
We gotta ride it through
E chordE
I'm reaching for you


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