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G chordG Am chordAm F chordF
Don't you think that it's boring how people talk
G chordG Am chordAm F chordF
Making smart with their words again well I'm bored
G chordG
Because I'm doing this for the thrill of it killin' it
Am chordAm F chordF
Never not chasing a million things I want
G chordG
And I am only as young as the minute is full of it
Am chordAm F chordF
Getting pumped up from the little bright things I bought
But I know they'll never own me


G chordG
Baby be the class clown
C chordC Am chordAm
I'll be the beauty queen in tears
G chordG
It's a new art form showing people how little we care yeah
F chordF C chordC G chordG
We're so happy even when we're smilin' out of fear
Am chordAm
Let's go down to the tennis court and talk it up like yeah yeah

The rest just repeats and the bridge/end just repeat the nd half of the Chorus


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