How To Love Uke乐谱通过 Lil' Wayne

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G chordG
you xxxx x lot xx crooks xxxxx steal xxxx heart
Gmaj7 chordGmaj7
never xxxxx xxx luck xxxxxx figure xxx
Cmaj7 chordCmaj7
xxx xx love
Cm9 chordCm9
xxx xx love

G chordG
xxx xxx x xxx of moments xxxx didnt xxxx forever
Gmaj7 chordGmaj7
now xxx xx xxx corner xxxx xxx things together
Cmaj7 chordCmaj7
xxx to xxxx
Cm9 chordCm9
how xx xxxx

'#' repeat chords throughout the song


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lucyinthesky avatar
There are better versions of this song already here! I appreciate that this is in a different key, but it is not as easy or true to the original as others on here. xo
13 Apr 2012
Jdeuce2000 avatar
Wrong key and the Cm 9 is the wrong chord to put there
12 Apr 2012