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Dear John Letter
Recorded by Jean Shepard and Ferlin Husky
Written by Lewis Talley, Fuzzy Owen, Billy Barton

C chordC G7 chordG7
Dear John oh how I hate to write
C chordC
Dear John I must let you know tonight
C7 chordC7
That my love for you has died
F chordF
Away like grass upon the lawn
G7 chordG7 C chordC
And tonight I'll wed another dear John

C chordC
I was overseas in battle
G7 chordG7
When the postman came to me

And he handed me a letter
C chordC
I was happy as I could be

For the fighting was all over
F chordF
And the battle had been won
G7 chordG7
Then I opened up the letter
C chordC
And it started dear John

Repeat #1

C chordC
Will you please send back my picture
G7 chordG7
My husband wants it now

When I tell you who I'm wedding
C chordC
You won't care dear anyhow

Now the ceremony has started
F chordF
And I'll wed your brother Don
G7 chordG7
Will you wish us happiness forever
C chordC
Dear John


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