Straight To Hell Uke乐谱通过 Hank Williams Iii

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CWell my worn-out boots are taking me downtown
G7 chordG7 Cand I'm looking for trouble and I wanna get loud

Serve me up a drink and I'll shoot it right down
G7 chordG7 Cand I'll jump up on the bar and holler One more round

CHORUS:FI'm going straight to hell
CAin't nothing slowin' me down
FI'm goin' straight to hell
G7so you just better get me one more round

CWell back in the day with my uncle Jed
G7 chordG7 Che kept a lot of moonshine out in the shed

He taught me how to drink - how to be real proud
G7of my hillbilly ways and my outlaw style

CHORUSCWell I'm racin' these back roads trying to save my life
G7 chordG7 Ccuz the sheriff wants to kill me cuz I fucked his wife

I was on the run with a gun in my hand
G7cuz I like a good time and a one-night stand

CHORUS G7Hell you just better get me one more round


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