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Fare [CC] thee xxxx xx [G7G7] lovely [CC] Dinah x xxxxxxxx [G7G7] times x [CC] dieu
We xxx xxxxx [GG] away xxxx xxx [FF] Holy xxxxxx xxx xxx [CC] girls xx xxxx xx [G7G7] true
We'll [CC] sail xxx [G7G7] salt xxxx [CC] over xxx xxxxx xx [G7G7] turn xxxx [FF] more
[GG] And [FF] still x xxxx xx [CC] hope xx xxx xxx xxxx [G7G7] Ground xxxx [CC] more
Shouted Fine girl you are
Sung [CC] You're xxx xxxx xxxx [G7G7] I x [FF] dore [GG]
And [FF] still x xxxx [CC] in [FF] hope [CC] to xxx xxx xxxx [G7G7] Ground xxxx [CC] more

Now when we're out a-sailing and you are far behind
Fine letters will I write to you with the secrets of my mind
The secrets of my mind my girl you're the girl that I adore
And still I live in hope to see the Holy Ground once more

Oh now the storm is raging and we are far from shore
The poor old ship she's sinking fast and the riggings they are tore
The night is dark and dreary we can scarcely see the moon
But still I live in hope to see the Holy Ground once more
It's now the storm is over and we are safe on shore
We'll drink a toast to the Holy Ground and the girls that we adore
We'll drink strong ale and porter and we'll make the taproom roar
And when our money is all spent we'll go to sea once more


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