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C chordC Dm chordDm
Baby I finally know what im going after
C chordC
I'm learning to let in all the laughter

Holy Moley you´re so funnny

Dm chordDm
You crack me up you crack me up

C chordC Dm chordDm
Look out for dreams that keep returning
C chordC
cause magic ain´t no hand-me-down yearning
Dm chordDm
You feel it you want it the way I want you babe

F chordF C chordC
Traveling by choo-choo train

F chordF C chordC
We know where we just don´t know when

F chordF C chordC G chordG
Like some everlasting onion of love

C chordC Dm chordDm
Never heard a better bad joke said out loud

You flip-flop and I wall out
Can you believe it
I can´t believe it but it's true

You're giving eighty billion years of giggling
A chordA whole new world to live in
But this one's real this one's real this one's real

F chordF C chordC
Like some hog tied Kangaroos
F chordF C chordC
You be one and I'll be one too
F chordF C chordC G chordG
We play it goofy or we play it cool oh oh

F chordF C chordC
Everything that happened
F chordF C chordC
You know it don't mean a thing to us
F chordF C chordC
cause so much is gonna happen
G chordG

C chordC Dm chordDm
You showed me a sunset overflowing
But who cares where it's going
As long as you're next to me


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