Redneck Yacht Club Uke乐谱通过 Craig Morgan

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Original tuning : +0.5 步骤 [ ? ]

G chordG D chordD C chordC
I'm meetin' my buddies out on the lake
G chordG
We're headed out to a special place we love
D chordD C chordC
That just a few folks know
G chordG D chordD
There's no signin' up no monthly dues
C chordC G chordG
Take your Johnson your Mercury or your Evinrude an' fire it up
D chordD C chordC
Meet us out at party cove
Em chordEm Am chordAm
Come on in' the waters fine
C chordC D chordD
Just idle on over an' toss us a line

G chordG D chordD
Bass-trackers Bayliners and a party barge
C chordC
Strung together like a floating trailer park
G chordG D chordD C chordC
Anchored out and gettin' loud all summer long
G chordG D chordD
Side by side there's five houseboat front porches
C chordC
Astroturf lawn chairs and tiki torches
G chordG D chordD C chordC
Regular Joes rocking the boat that's us


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