Hello Darlin Uke乐谱通过 Conway Twitty

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Hello (C chordC)darling nice to (G chordG)see you It's (C chordC)been a long (C7 chordC7)time

Your just as (FF)lovely as you used to (CC)be

How's your new love, are you (G7G7)happy

Hope (CC)your doing (C7C7)fine just to (DD)know it means so much to (G7G7)me

What's that (C chordC)darling how am I (G7 chordG7)doing?

I'm (CC)doing all (C7C7)right except I (FF)can't sleep

and I cry all night till (CC)dawn.

What I'm (CC)trying to (C7C7)say is that I (FF)love you and I (CC)miss you

and I'm so (FF)sorry that (G7G7)I did you (CC)wrong.

Look up (CC)darling let me (G7G7)kiss you just (CC)for old times (C7C7)sake

Let me(FF)hold you in my arms one more (CC)time

thank you (CC)darling may god (G7G7)bless you

and (CC) each step you (C7C7)take brings you (DD)closer

to the things you seek to (G7G7)find.

Good bye (CC)darling I got to (G7G7)go now.

I got to (C chordC)try to find a (C7 chordC7)way

to lose these (F chordF)memories of a love so warm and (C chordC)true.

and if you should ever (C7C7)find it in you (FF)heart

to for(CC)give me comeback (FF)darling

I'll be (G7G7)waiting for (CC)you.


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