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Best Friends Forever the BFF SONG

G chordG C chordC
We don't always like the same things
C chordC G chordG D chordD
Take ice cream we like different flavors
And we don't always see things the same
Once you called me a name
And I returned the favor
C chordC D chordD G chordG Em chordEm
But you are my best friend Forever
C chordC D chordD G chordG Em chordEm
we won't ever let that end No never
C chordC D chordD G chordG Em chordEm
You are here for me and I am here for you
C chordC D chordD G chordG
That's what best friends do
We don't always see eye to eye
Don't ask me why
But we don't mind it
And we don't always get along
but our friendship's strong
We can always find it
We don't always fit in with the crowd
but we still stand proud
and we stand together
And we don't care what other people say
We go our own true way
That works a whole lot better


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