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Am chordAm F chordF
She may contain the urge to run away
Dm chordDm
But hold her down with soggy clothes and breezeblocks
Am chordAm F chordF
Cetirizine your fever's grip me again
Dm chordDm
Never kisses all do you ever send are full stops la la la

Am chordAm F chordF
Do you know where the wilds things go

Dm chordDm
They go along to take your honey la la la
Am chordAm F chordF
Break down now weep build up breakfast now
Dm chordDm
Let's eat my love my love love love la la la

Am chordAm F chordF
Muscle to muscle and toe to toe
Dm chordDm
The fear has gripped me but here I go
Am chordAm F chordF
My heart sinks as I jump up
Dm chordDm
Your hand grips hand as my eyes shut

Repeat and repeat


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There could be more definition? I dont know, it could be a bit more complex
09 Jun 2013