Daylight Uke tab by Matt And Kim

4 Chords used in the song :

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D Ukulele chord A Ukulele chord F#m Ukulele chord E Ukulele chord

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D chordD
We xxx xxx xxxx xxx xx xxx xxxxx

A chordA
Threw xxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx

F#m chordF#m
Sit xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx

E chordE
Sit xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx

Same chords throughout the whole song

About this song

New York director Micah Perta explains, The concept for the video was to have Matt and Kim in cramped spaces at the beginning of the song as a counterpoint to the songs lyrics about daylight. Then we have a surprise ending where they shift into a colorful, open world that sets them into flight (even though theyre really on the ground)." Matt describes the inspiration behind the videos concept, "Even though it seems kind of ridiculous, our shows can be a lot like this video.

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