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  1. last year
    Fri Dec 28 05:39:59 2018

    my blue soprano ukulele is called barbara! I need some ideas for my mahogany concert!! this is what it looks like:

  2. Fri Dec 28 05:33:59 2018

    this is exactly what I was thinking about

    ok so I have 2 ukuleles

    • makala soprano light blue burst dolphin ukulele named Barbara
    • alvarez concert mahogany ru22c ukulele- doesn't have a name yet

    I am thinking about getting a new one but with the alvarez being so expensive I haven't got a new one yet. I wanna get like an electric... any good recommendations?

  3. Sat Jul 14 00:14:39 2018
    cassidytx posted in first song.

    lol, nothing interesting "row, row, row your boat"
    but then I learnt "can't help falling in love"